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10 New Home Checklist Items To Fix Before Move-in


The excitement of buying a new home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  So much so that you may miss some of the smaller things.  Many of the items I will go over are things we don’t seem to think about in some cases at all.  The only thing on your mind is to get moved in to your amazing new home.  And why shouldn’t it be?  But once you are moved you notice many little quirks and tiny fixes that need to be changed.  Things you missed, or things that may not be on your normal list of items to consider.  The following are what I like to consider the top “to do list” for your new home checklist items.

Planning and setting a little money aside can help to rid your new home of these nuisance issues.

Energy Efficient Lighting

How much are you paying for lighting? Removing those out dated light-bulbs and replacing them with Energy Efficient lighting.  The fastest way to start saving in your new home is by replacing all the light bulbs.  Now I know what you are thinking.  Why do I need to change the light bulbs if they are still working?  You want to do this for several reasons.  First is safety.  A bulb that has worn it fair course may become brittle and ineffective.  Changing these bulbs out now ensures you know there life of use.  Second is consistency.  Most of us will replace a bulb with a new one and not take into consideration the “Lumens or Wattage” of the bulb.  Lighting is important in your home and should remain consistent throughout.  Last but not least we have the savings.  Initially anyone can attest that light bulbs can be a bit costly upfront, but if you are consistent can save you lots on your later electric bills.  Energy efficient bulbs are my personal favorite as they save me the most.  This is the quickest way to start to see a return on your home purchase.

Hose Replacement

Over time hoses wear out and more than likely the previous owner has not replaced them.  In Arizona, the sun can be unkind to them causing them to break and wear.  The can cause them to crack and leak.  You may also have hoses used to link up your landscaping or watering systems.  Changing these hoses out with new ones can help maintain your water pressure and prevent from water leaks and waste.

Breathe Easily

For me this is a no brainer but I’m also not a fan of breathing in someone else’s dust, bacteria, dead skin, and everything else that gets blown through the ac unit.   I not only recommend changing the air filters but I also recommend having a company come out and clean out all vents and ducts for you.  This will ensure longevity of your AC unit and your mental health.  I recommend doing this prior to move in.  it can sometimes get a bit messy and you never know when the ac unit was last cleaned, if ever!

H2 OH No!

This is another one over looked but also very important to you and your families health.  It is recommended that you change out any water filters in the home.  This could be filters used in the soft water system, or maybe they have filters in the spray heads in the shower.  It is also recommended to have a pool specialist come out and inspect the condition of any and all pool filters.  And of course changing out your fridges water filter if it has one.  There is no way to tell when this was last done and it can affect the pressure and quality of your water.  It might be a good idea to set up a schedule so you know when to change them again in the future.

Getting All The Lint Out

You may not be aware of this but one of the most flammable things in a home is dryer lint.  And your vent that circulates from your dryer to the outside may be filled.  Most homeowners overlook this one piece of maintenance.  So you can be assured it hasn’t been done.  I recommend having it cleaned out at least once a year.  I have seen some homes built in the 50’s that have never been cleaned, and the amount of lint that came out was astonishing.  The other important reason to do this, is that it will extend the life of your dryer.  The dryer uses the vent to dispense heat exhaust away from the dryer.  If it is clogged then that heat can come back into the home and increase your cooling bill. It also forces the dryer to work harder using more electricity and inevitably increasing your bill.

What’s Cooking

Some homes may have what’s called a fume hood.  Where the air over the stove is vented up and out through the ceiling.  If so it is a good idea to clean this filter as it could be clogged and unable to vent properly.  It is important to also check to see if your stove has any filters or vents that need cleaning.  By doing so you increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system as that hot air is vented up and out of your home.

Check And Replace GFCI Outlets

A GFCI outlet is a ground fault circuit interrupter.  This outlet is important and used to reduce the risk of electric shock.  During the home inspection this is usually an item that is checked but some inexperienced inspectors may overlook them.  So it is always best to double-check yourself.  If you need to replace one make sure to pay attention to how it was disconnected. If you do not trust your electrician abilities it might be better to hire a certified electrician to do the replacement.

Sprinkler System and heads

If your new home has landscaping it might also have a sprinkler system or in some cases a drip system.  I recommend testing your water cycle and walking to each plant to ensure the drippers or sprinklers are functioning properly.  A broken or clogged unit could lead to costly plant replacement or pricy water leaks.

Door Locks

This may seem like a no brainer but too many times we her stories about robberies were someone never knew the person was in there house.  The truth is that you don’t know the previous owners, who they gave a key out to, whether keys had been lost.  The last thing you want to worry about is waking up in the middle of the night with some stranger in your home.  So I always recommend that you change the locks on the doors, now you can do this by replacing all the locks at a local hardware store or you can have a locksmith come out and change all the doors for you.

Garage Door

One of the biggest things over looked is the garage door.  If it has a garage door opener make sure the safety light is working and the bulb has also been replaced with a new bulb.


They may seem small, but there simple fixes you can do before moving in make managing your new home that much easier.

And if you haven’t started your home search yet: CLICK HERE

Posted by Jason Ozment on November 10, 2017
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